Lara Hanson, LCSW – Here to Heal

Perhaps you have been asked by someone how you are and you give them the cliché answer … “fine”; yet inside you… it’s not really fine. It is as if you are wearing a mask to hide the emotional or physical pain when really you desire to show an authentic smile, spontaneous laugh or speak with confidence. Perhaps you feel stuck, embarrassed or afraid of the uncertainty of the problems you are experiencing and hoping they won’t get worse. Being unable to speak openly to share your deep feelings, thoughts and experiences to even a therapist can seem like an even bigger feat.

I understand your desire to be happier, confident and comfortable within, as well as enjoy your life and important people close to you. I am passionate to help those who have had challenging life experiences, to overcome anxiety, depression or traumatic events. I help people get back on track to be successful in life, school, family and relationships.

As a parent you might be seeing different behaviors and non-verbal expressions that in your heart and mind just do not seem right for your child.  Noticeable changes may have culminated and reached a point that can no longer be tolerated.   Your child may be experiencing challenges in concentration, declining in academics, exhibiting extreme variations in sleep behaviors or appetite, engaging in conflictual interactions with others, having bad dreams, no longer enjoying playing or activities, or has become hypersensitive and afraid of going places.  Perhaps you feel helpless and heartbroken for your child’s emotional and physiological turmoil.

Counseling with Adults


I apply my specialized experience in treating individuals suffering from anxiety, depression , PTSD including victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and accidents.

Therapy for Children


As a parent you might be seeing different behaviors and non-verbal expressions that do not seem right for your child.  Over the years of working with children I have seen diverse symptoms.

Healing Trauma


I help people reclaim their lives beyond experiences from the past traumas.  My goals is to help you understand what is and what is not working to make tomorrow better than today.

Start the Healing Process

Lara Hanson

The most important thing you can do to get results for yourself or your children from counseling is to find a counselor you feel comfortable with. I help my clients in the healing process with providing a genuine and caring connection in a safe and comfortable setting.  Reaching out to find the right professional to help is very important. Contact me so we can discuss how to make changes to help you or your loved ones today.