Play Therapy

Sandbox for Play TherapyI have specialized training and extensive experience in play therapy and I am a certified play therapist. Throughout the years of practice I have used this treatment for children because it helps them attain optimal healing and achieve personal growth. Playing creates for a child a safe psychological space from their problems while allowing for expression of thoughts and feelings that are appropriate for their development.

Play therapy is a demonstrated, theoretically and clinically sound approach that builds on the normal communicative and learning processes of children. I may use different types of playing such as with books, games, sand tray, toys, or puppets in order to help a child cope, learn new skills, be able to express their emotions and experiences, develop insight, to find healthier solutions and the desired outcomes.

Start the Healing Process

Lara Hanson

The most important thing you can do to get results for yourself or your children from counseling is to find a counselor you feel comfortable with. I help my clients in the healing process with providing a genuine and caring connection in a safe and comfortable setting.  Reaching out to find the right professional to help is very important. Contact me so we can discuss how to make changes to help you or your loved ones today.